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Plymouth County SWCD Commissioners

Commissioners 9-11-2023.jpg

Left to Right:  Tony Schroeder, Bob Puetz, Jeremy Homan, Steven Tonsfeldt, and  Joe Cain

Conservation districts in Iowa are governed by five commissioners who are elected at the general elections on a non-partisan basis for four-year terms. Only one commissioner may reside in any single township. Commissioners may come from all walks of life with the common interest of protecting our natural resources.

As a commissioner, you’ll help guide soil and water conservation programs in the county, and will have the opportunity to influence state and national conservation programs. You’ll be expected to take part in monthly meetings, become knowledgeable of soil and water conservation laws and programs, develop and carry out soil and water resource conservation plans, and help direct financial incentive programs. You will be reimbursed for expenses, and be protected from personal liability.

Assistant Commissioners

  • may be appointed by the Soil &Water Conservation District board on a calendar year basis to serve the district. Assistant commissioners must be eligible electors residing in the district to which they are appointed.




































NOTE: The Soil and Water Conservation Laws, as they appear in the Iowa Code, do not permit the members of a soil and water conservation district governing body to delegate their responsibilities and authorities regarding official district business; therefore, they cannot appoint an assistant commissioner to act for them on official district business. Assistant commissioners cannot make motions or vote on official district business at commissioners' meetings. They should act in an advisory capacity and offer any suggestions or comments appropriate, but may not assume the full authority of a regular commissioner.

Plymouth County SWCD Commissioners:

Steve Tonsfeldt

Bob Puetz

Tony Schroeder

Jeremy Homan

Joe Cain

Plymouth County SWCD Assistant Commissioners:

Mark Brown

Nancy Anderson

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