Deep Creek WQI Project

The Deep Creek Watershed Project has been extended for another 3 years (2017-2020) and has been expanded to include Deep Creek's headwaters!

***If you farm in the new Deep Creek Watershed and are located in Cherokee, O'Brien or Sioux Counties, Plymouth County will be housing all documentation in the Le Mars NRCS Field office. Please direct all questions and sign-ups to Kristi Silverthorn (Office: 712-546-8858 ext. 306, Cell: 712-281-9207 or

A watershed is the area of land that drains into a lake or stream. Water traveling over the surface or through groundwater may pick up contaminants like sediment, chemicals and waste and deposit them in a body of water. We all live in a watershed. Watersheds can be small — like the area that drains into the creek behind your house. Or, watersheds can be large — think of all the land, streams and rivers that drain into the Mississippi River! In the continental U.S., there are 2,110 watersheds; including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico, there are 2,267 watersheds.

Kristi Silverthorn

Watershed Coordinator

Kristi will coordinate the efforts of the producers, NRCS staff and the partners to get volunteers signed up for the initiative, promote cost sharing opportunities for the conservation practices available, promote field days, and communicate to residents of the watershed the importance of good water quality.

The objectives of this project are to strengthen outreach, education and collaboration efforts amongst a cross-section private and public agricultural stakeholders. Until now, the agricultural community was in large part segregated with various entities working independently toward the individual goals within their respective organizations. Understanding that all sectors within the agricultural community need to look at these issues from a new perspective and work together if the goals of the Strategy are to be met, the project sponsors have engaged new partners from private and non-governmental sectors.

WQI cost-share funds are available the following management practices with in the watershed (see map at right to view that area):

No-till incentive - $10/acre with 200 acre maximum

Low disturbance manure injection $10/acre with 200 acre maximum

Cover crops - $25/acre with 200 acre maximum

Nitrification inhibitor - $3/acre, fall application only . with 200 acre maximum

Terraces/638s-50% cost share.

Saturated Buffers: 50% cost share, can be paired with RCPP, IDALS Edge-of-Field Account

Denitrifying Bioreactors: 50% cost share, can be paired with RCPP, IDALS Edge-of-Field Account


Regional Conservation Partnerships Program (RCPP) funds:

***take applications all year, but only get ranked twice a year. Cost share is typically 75% and is typically structural practices which include and are not limited to: wetlands, terraces and 638s. Enhancements like the addition of cover crop, no till, and P-band rank the application higher and the likelihood of the project getting funded is greater.

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